Silage Stretch Film

Sepas Plastik A.S. has many years of experience in agricultural film production and now added a new product in its wide range.

Innovative silage stretch film is made from the highest quality raw materials and produced with multilayer blown film production technology.

This provides you very strong, elastic, good stretch properties, good cling between layers, high puncture resistance and most importantly impermeability to air and moisture.

It’s guaranteed for 12 months protection against UV degradation and features high UV stabilization.

Sepas Silage Stretch Film comes in three colours; Opaque White, Light Green and Black and Standard widths are 500 mm and 750 mm.

Environmentally friendly SEPAS Silage Strecth Film is 100% recyclable.

  • Plast Eurasia
    Istanbul, 2016

    Plast Eurasia İstanbul 2016, the best trading platform of Turkish plastics industry will be opened on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 which is organized by Tüyap in cooperation with PAGEV - Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation.